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The programming, software and web development company Agriya ( is owned by Ahsan Technologies ( They own tons of sites, they clone, develop and sell numerous website programs as well.

I wanted 3 websites developed complete with back ends that I could
control and alter. After searching for quite awhile, I found Aravind Kumar on I later found out that he goes by many different monikers
(including shariharan) on several websites (especially freelance sites),
agriyain2k on aim and many more.

Aravind requested that we conduct our conversations on AOL's Aim since
the time difference was so great. This way we would both know the other
one was around and could receive immediate responses. After several
days of laying out precisely what I needed and expected, Aravind sent me
an invoice which I then corrected, sent back to him and received
approval for.

The total invoice was for $6200.00 (for 3 full sites). A 50% deposit
($3100.00) was required before work was to begin. Normally, I would have
never gone for this but, at the time; Agriya was all over the internet
and upon investigation we discovered that there were many sites created
by Agriya. They had a massive web presence and at that time (2007) we
couldn't find any negative reviews.

After I sent my $3100.00 (via Paypal) Aravind continued to bait me
stating that they were working on this aspect or that aspect of the
sites. The contract called for a 40 day completion but he sucked me
into believing he was on vacation for a week so the work had slowed
since he needed to approve everything. After the 60th day, he
discontinued answering my IM's and Emails. I later realized how clever
this was since Paypal has a 40 day cutoff period for complaints.

I have been emailing and calling them for 4 years and I get NOWHERE.
They just give me the run around, they transfer my calls, leave me on
hold and eventually take messages or promise to investigate.

4 years and I am still out $3100, it was exactly half of my entire budget so I was
never able to open my business.

Whatever you do, NEVER GIVE THESE GUYS ANY MONEY! I promise, they will steal every last penny! I have copies of emails, invoices and AIM messages to prove all of this!

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