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Dolphin Automation & Technology Complaints - Android Smart Watch Phone Never Came Back From Servicing

Hi All
I am Sandip S. Patil from Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, First of all I want to clarify that this is about ‘Dolphin Automation & Technology ‘(Thane, Maharashtra). Please don’t confuse it with ‘Dolphin Automation’ (Noida, Delhi) as I did. They are also connected with IndiaMart.
So I bought the Android Watch Phone S8 on 1st Nov. 2014. To make sure it’s good, instead buying directly online, I first visited their office and purchased from their office. So it is an android smart watch which is manufactured in Hong Kong and sells by Dolphin Automation & Technology in Mumbai.
First question I ask them is if any problem occurs, the smart watch goes to Hong Kong? They assured me, generally no problem occurs to watch and if it did, they have the technical team and smart watch will be serviced in India only.
On 16th Nov. 2014 I E-mailed them about the battery problem of the smart watch, they didn’t reply back. As the problem was not complex, I also didn’t provide much attention it.
But in Jan 2015 smart watch got problem of charging. So on 18th Jan 2015 I called them and told about the problem. They asked me to send the smart watch. So I sent the same on 20th Jan. 2015. They received it very next day and assured me that they will solve the problem as early as possible and will not charge any amount for the same.
So I called them after 7 days. I had been told that its very small issue, still they will check by their main technician who is on leave for some day. So again I waited for 7 days and called back. I got reply its ready & they will courier me back next morning day. I called them back in 2 days whether they sent it or not, they said that, it was different watch, and they will let me know about my smart watch.
Again I did not receive any progress from their side. So again I waited for 7-8 days and called back on 23rd Feb 2015, they told me smart watch cannot be serviced here so they had sent smart watch to Hong Kong and because of Ester holidays in Hong Kong it is delayed in servicing and they will get it back on 2-3rd march 2015. So I called them back on 4th March 2015 where they told me that I will receive smart watch on upcoming Saturday that is 7th March 2015. Neither had I got smart watch on 7th nor did they tell me what the issue is.
After calling repeatedly for 3 days, they finally answered my call on 9th March 2015 at 10.30 AM and assured me to call back at 11 AM with the status. But again they did not revert back. So I called after 2-3 times in hour intervals, but no response, then at 4:30 I tried from different number which they answered but they told me they were very busy and I am disturbing them with calling which they are not answering. They told me to call in the evening on 10th March. So when I called, as expected they are not answering both the numbers now. Finally I gave up.
So to summarize this, every time I got contradictory responses like one time they say problem is small afterwards says its complex so that they have to send to Hong Kong.
One time they say your Smart Watch is ready, after two days they say it is not.
They say on 4th march 2015, you will get smart watch on 7th march, and on 9th march they said even they haven’t got it back.
And the best part is its bad behavior from my side if I keep calling to ask what happen to my smart watch when they are not even answering my calls.
Now even I am not sure whether I should call back them or leave the hope getting Smart Watch back. Please any suggestions are welcome if there is any other way to get it back.
So I did the mistake of buying unusual product from unusual company and suffered for the same in terms of money and time both. So please be aware while shopping for such product.
And finally thanks ‘Dolphin Automation & Technology’ for teaching me valuable lesson in my life that ‘not to buy unusual kind of product from unreliable source.’

Thanks & Regards,
Sandip S. Patil

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