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citi bank Complaints - citi bank will kept money against my personal loan

Citibank had kept money from my personal loan A/C NO LTK-HSS-3580427 by means of fraud.i WROTE LETTER TO HIS SENIOR MANAGEMENT BY MEANS OF EMAIL.So I loss more money .ALL PROOFS IS KEPT WITH ME.iF YOU REQUIRED PROOF THAN i WILL SUB MITThanks you.Yours JAGANNATH DWIBEDI
Respected Sir
I had taken a lpersonal Loan in 2007. from CITIBANK NA.Now The above namker taken some money by means of fraud and nomey lendering.I had send many Email to CITI BANK NA SENIOR MANAGEMENT AND CALL HIS CALL CENTER 0124-2542484,18002665686,1800220123,18004252484 DAY BY DAY IN FOUR MONTHS REGARDING THE ABOVE ISSUE.Sir the said banker is economic criminal, fraude and money lendering export..
Sir I clarify to you the above loan A/C was not a preclosure A/C,not given excess money by means of cash,not in any settlement A/c.The banks fraud reason are given below

REASON1.Why citibank not given bank address in your loan account statement which was issued by citibank to me .So I was not communicated to this bank.
Reason 2.According to website I had reported to senior management Email ID about account is dispute/Fraud.After Repeat many reminder the said Email Id you will not able any replay to me till date.
Reason3.According to replay by HEAD CUSTOMER CARE in Mar 2010.I had paid my overdue amount and changed ECS instruction to PDC mode,Why citibank had been charged PENALTY INTEREST FROM 01 May 2010 to FEB2011.
Reason 4.When citibank LIABILITY is Less than EMI cheque in MAy 2011.Why citibank would not send any letter to me for give accurate amount cheque or any payment mode.
Reason5-According to RBI guide lines A/C payee cheque should be presented after entry my loan Account.But citibank would presented the said cheque with out entry my LOAN ACCOUNT.
Reason6.Cheque no 741117 was cleared by SCB on 3 May 2011 through Clearing house New Delhi.But bank was not posted my account same day (Posted in my loan a/c was 05 may2011).03 and 04 May the said money was kept in citibank hand for use .This is MONEY LENDERING.
Reason7-Why citibank was Loss my THREE PDC unused.This cheque was issued by other bank not free of cost.Citibank will loss my these cheques along with stop payment charges Rs 551*3.and also mention my SCB account was very difficulty.
Reason8. CITIBANK was used my money By means of fraud from 03 May till date
Reason9-Citi bank india was dis obey guide lines of RBI.
reason10-Citibank india was loss of india economic condition.

.Now Citibank was increased Fraud and money lendering ratio after imposed by RBI.Thanks you You.Yours faithfully

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