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Allen cooper Complaints - De colour of Trouser

I had purchased one Trouser in the month of February 2011. After 3 months I used this Trouser and washed first time with light detergent 'Genttle" it become decolered and patches formed. When i approached to your dealer situated at 1st B-Road, Shardapura, Jodhpur he refused to take it back stating that it is too late to laudge complaint.

After my lot of effort he took my trouser saying that i will send it to the Allen Cooper manufacturing unit and will revert.

After one moth when I again approached to the said dealer he returned my trouser explaining that they have refused to take it back as they do anot have any complaint in other trousers of same quality.

I do not have any customer complaint number to laudge compalint.

Please guide me in this matter I am attaching scan copy of Bill from where I brought this trouser.

The retailer address is as under:

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