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HP India Complaints - dissatisfactory service and disappointing solutions

With reference to the above complaint numbers, my monitor was replaced once and repaired many times. Every time the new parts were not satisfactory and proven to be faulty. The issue has been prolonged for about two months now. The monitor had no issue since begining as it was sparingly used. Now that the monitor was used for needed amount of periods, it started showing problems. Every replaced part was then found faulty and moreover unsatisfactory.

The powerboards have been replaced 4-5 times after which TFT screen was replaced due to a lamp issue. The replaced new TFT screen had patches and showed vertical line defect after prolonged use. With the further request by the service center, another monitor was then sent which was also found with patches and vertical line problem again.

A solution provided by the service team is a new monitor S2021A. This monitor is not acceptable to me since it is compaq, aesthetically and comparatively does not match same standards. If a new monitor is being availed please provide some options so that requirements are met.

Every time a refurbished part was replaced. All the parts were not in acceptable working condition. No further refurbished parts will be accepted. If no new parts are available for this monitor then please provide an acceptable solution.

Your solutions are leaving the customer in misery and no choice.

Such incidences are also not favourable for any future purchases from the company.

Please provide a proper solution.

Note :- When the monitor was being repaired for the first time in may, it had seal in the chasis, but there was no seal behind the TFT panel (this was also indicated to the service person ). ALong with that there were overlapsing serial no. stickers. This certainly proves that when the monitor was purchased new it was already installed with a non - new part(TFT screen). This has already put a bad impression on the company.

The warranty is about to lapse and may be the company is sitting and wasting time for such events to respond.
The end of life of product does not concern the consumer. Consumer is concerned about warranty and service.

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