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Manipal Hospital Complaints - Doctors are money sucker

I am a regular visitor(from 2005 till now) in this hospital for my wife,parents, in laws and aunt,uncle. Till last year I got good service but I can see now a days they become very rude. Today I visited
Dr. Sadiq of Surgical Gastro dept. After had lots of test done, we went for the consultation with the doctor. He asked for a surgery to my mother in law. So to be sure I was asking him in detail and he was very rude. He asked my about my profession. I said software engg. He said "cant you understand anything out side of the computer? I am the only doctor who is taking to the patient for 10 mins(though it was not more than 3-4 mins). You can go to any doctor, they wont tell you in detail." . I made a complain and dropped in the suggession box. Is this the behaviour we expect from a well known hospital? As a patient we have rights to understand the issue. We copnsider doctors as "Next to GOD" but some doctors are "Next to Evil".

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