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I was contacted by three separate widowers in last three weeks (didn't know I was attracting widowers), amazing is they all work on Oil Rig (I hope on separate Oil rig), third one I did wild guess and asked him "do you work on oil rig too?", he was surprised how did I guess it. Funny thing is they send email and ask me to ask them for any information, when I do, they send same email, they sent before without addressing the question I asked (just cut and paste). I wonder it must be like send email in loops, like send email1 after two emails.

Obviously they all are fake, I checked their phone number, and my mobile company told me, they are fake numbers generated by computer and these numbers don't get register on your mobile number, if you look your call hisotry, they never show up, it is like they were never made... beware of these "widowers", who are handsome and work somewhere in the middle of ocean or on a contract in UK.

I checked their given name as well for the town they claimed to be living in, once they come back from so called Oil rig, as you can assume, none of them exist. None one of the widower has changed his contact info, including his name, phone number, but left everything same. So just to pcik, I sent him an email asking, when did you change your name? Off course I never recieved a response back.

What can I say, even my own exhusband has put his profile in Shaadi calling himself a "widower" as well...

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