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Q. Is it possible to remove fake complaints made against any company?
Answer is.
Yes it is possible. But to do that, one has to approach the webmaster. Drop in a mail to the webmaster. He will evaluate the complaint and respond to it.
Q. Any payment should be made to remove such fake complaints?
Answer is.
No payment is needed to remove the posted complaints. The users can remove their complaints by themselves without any charge.
Q. Is it possible to remove your posting?
Answer is.
Of course yes. The consumer who has posted a complaint can remove the complaint by themselves. The option to remove their post is provided in their account page.
Q. Is it feasible for the users to post News in the News section?
Answer is.
Certainly yes. The users can post their new this section. To publish the news in the site, you have to send the content to the webmaster through contact us option. He will evaluate and publish it if worthy enough.
Q. Can the users post positive comments?
Answer is.
Positive comments are always welcome since it would be useful for many users. the positivie comments may registered on a company for their best product or service. But intentional positive or negative comment is what strictly prohibited from the site.
Q. Can you give me legal advice regarding my consumer complaints?
Answer is.
We are not legal consultant to provide legal advice. Although, if you need the webmaster will personally provide details using the legal resources available.
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