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Precious metals may lead you to think of jewelry and treasure chests. It is a fact that gold is the most purchased material for the making of things such as coins and most commonly jewelry. Aside from these uses many utilize precious metal as an investment in the same manner that the share markets work. During times of an unsteady dollar and stock exchange market, the gold rates offer steady profit and it is the one commodity that will always hold its value.

In order to ensure that we are receiving the correct selling price for a piece of jewelry, we need to be aware of the trade price, different carats and types of precious metal, and sell to an authorized dealer that has a knowledge of the trade. Many companies will offer you the lowest amount of money for your item and one may find themselves with dollars that are not reflective of the market value of precious metal sold.

It is very wise to conduct research on the options available to you when deciding to sell a piece of jewelry. Check the current market prices in newspapers and on the internet. Ensure the company is reputable by searching on Google and viewing any feedback or testimonials that they may have received from past customers.

Shop around and obtain a few offers. Do not sell to the first store that offers you x amount of dollars. This may not be the highest price that you are able to obtain for the piece.

Market prices of this precious metal fluctuate daily, so it is best that you are kept up to date with the latest value to obtain an idea of what it will be worth. One can calculate the worth of their gold by firstly checking the purity of the precious metal.

This precious metal comes in the form of carats. This is the purity of the metal. Most pieces are market 9k, 10k, 12k, 14k, 18k, and 24k. This is clearly market on each piece of jewelry. Should a piece be marked 24k this is 100% pure. The purity then decreases with 18k, 14k and so forth. So therefore 9k is approximately 38%, 10k is approximately 50%, 14k is approximately 75% and 18k being approximately 80% respectively.

Once you have obtained the daily value of the precious metal, divide this figure by 31. This leaves you with the gram price of gold that is 24 carats. Finally multiply the gram price of gold with its percentage as listed above. Additions to the piece such as diamonds and other jewels will need to be taken into consideration as well as they can be very valuable. Should you not be sure about your calculations it is recommended to have the piece valued by an expert.

Rushing into the nearest pawn store is not recommended. In order to ensure that you receive a fair amount for your jewelry it is essential that one conducts appropriate research and familiarizes themselves with the current gold rate. It is best to wait a little longer and receive what the piece is worth than walk in to the nearest store for some quick spare change.

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