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at HDFC Bank Harassment of employee like me at HDFC Bank Posted by Consumer Helper in Banking, Consumer Complaints | 0 comments Dear all, I am belong to ahmedabad city. I have
been selected for Hdfc bank for the location of new
branch at rural area of Rajosana in banaskantha
district gujarat. When i joined the branch is in
construction. I have joined the branch for the
position of teller or cashier in hdfc bank. Till the construction was going on i was working at
Palanpur branch in the same post. Then I shifted to
new rural branch. Fom the 1st day of after
inagaurating the branch I went to field at nearby
villages for opening a new account. But it is not
necessary to get a new account in intital phase of branch establishment. But my new brach
supervisor or manager Mr Ankit Modi pressurize me
by using very worst abusing foul languages when i
dont got the account. He also blames me for false
reporting of customer calls which i am not doing.
He very often uses very bad abusing words to me while speaking to me. He pressureize me very much
for new account by telling me to create even fraud
document even for customer for KYC for opening a
new account. I am being a new person to the bank
so I need guidance about writing of different
register, but Mr Ankit modi guide very less about this. Also his abusing language to me eats up my
mind that sometimes I have done some silly
mistakes in writing a register. But i have corrected
it. Its issue than over. I have got some good
success by sourcing a 17 saving account and 3
current account in rural branch like rajosana. My hub branch manager also appreciates my effort
and also said that my confirmation is in his hand
and he will confirm me as i am in probation period.
The new rural branch is running on new VDI linux
system pc. So the pc system is running very slow so
when we open to some option by dragging the mouse it may not open some other near option
opens it becuase Pc stucks sometimes. So this
happen to me also that one day while selecting
option miscellenous gl debit the mouse drags to
miscellenous customer debit option and open it. So
my banch manager Mr Ankit Modi was seen this as he was standing besides me. So when he seen this
he beat me swiftly on the back of my head. I
warned my new branch manager that he is not
liable to do this as this is bank and we are
professionals. I want to complain this incident to hr
and cluster head but for two days my pc is not working properply after banking hours as I want
to complain in the absence of my branch manager
Mr Ankit modi. so I complain to Hr and my hub
branch manager Mr Ashish raval and cluster head
Mr Pankaj Popat about this. So after getting my mail
the hr and my cluster head had called me and ankit modi to ahmedabad hr office and hr hear my all
truth. So I confess all thing what happed to me at
rajosana branch to Hr cluster head and hub branch
manager. They hear my complain and will give
suriting to come with a postive conclusion. They
also hear false defence of mr Ankit Modi. But conclusion was not got on that day. So I have come
to rajosana. But life is not easy after this mr ankit
modi after that teases me very often about this
incident. So soon I have once more shited to
palanpur branch. But I requested my Hub branch
manager for transfer to any branch at ahmedabad which is home town. But due to fear that in case hr
dont shift me to my home branch, i will remain to
rajosana branch or shifted to some some other far
away branch. So I kept palanpur branch as a safer
side option. There are many problems in my family.
My father is a heart patient and my mother is backpain patient. So i request to hr and my hub
brach manager to transfer to any branch at my
hometown ahmedabad. But they transfer to me at
palanpur. This incident is over. Now during one to
one discussion with my hub branch manager he
told me that my complain against a o truth in it and as Mr ankit modi is old 2 yrs old employee of this
branch, so cluster head and Hr had consider his
seniority. So Hr of Hdfc bank and my cluster head
mr pankaj popat ignore my truth about my
complain for rajosana branch. Not only that They
both extend my probation period for further 3 months as I have complain this truth about my

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