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RX pharmacy Complaints - I want this harassment stopped immediately

I have been called by this company numerous times. Each time they ask me if I need any refills on medications, which I have never ordered from them, I tell them to take my number out of their registry. I have also informed them that I am a physician and would never order medications from them.

Well, after repeating myself each time for the first few calls, I began to get angry with them and they began to harass me even more. They soon started saying that they did not believe that I was a physician and even asked me questions they thought only a physician could answer to prove that I am a physician.

This has not been enough, however, and I am still receiving harassing calls. In fact, I just received a call less than an hour ago and when I told him I had asked them to quit calling me at least 20 times already he informed me that others have asked him 300 times before he finally quit calling, so I have quite a while to go. I have registered on the “do not call” list but their phone number shows up as a regular number so I believe they side-step the list by doing this.

I can even call the number back. I want this harassment stopped immediately or I will have to take matters into my own hands.

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