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Dear Citizens
Pl be informed that I was cheated by “Alukkas” with money and truth the truth came to light only recently and I wanted to share the experiences with you and do not get into this trap and be fooled by them.
I shall narrate you the modes that was followed and how customers were cheated.
1)10 years back there was a jeweler shop by name Alukkas which had their shop at palghat (Kerala)and which was selling gold ornaments to customers.
2) Me and my wife were the regular customers to this Alukkas and it was with trust that we were purchasing gold ornaments from them.
3) In the recent past the same group got divided to different groups as I understand.
4)Last week we took two of the bangles which was purchased from Alukkas-Palghat for exchange to a famous jeweler at Jayanagar –Bangalore , to my shock we noticed that in each bangle there was a small copper piece which was soldered/ welded in side the bangle grove . This copper piece has some script or makers marking in it. (at the time of purchasing from Alukkas they billed me for the net weight of the bangle and about the copper pieces was never told to us as it was gold painted on top and inside the grove, this cannot be easily seen by naked eyes)
5) The jeweler whom I wanted to exchange the bangles refused to accept the same and said that this piece of copper needs to be removed and then check for the exact weight (which was correct).
6) when I did ask the manager of shop , why this was done he had no answer and when I asked him wasn’t that I was cheated , he nodded his head and said –yes you have been cheated and this is how it was done by some.
Friends, I had paid this copper piece the price of gold and one can think what amount of money Alukkas could have made by cheating customers.
Even today I have the original bills and two more bangles with same details on it.
I have decided to take this case to the court of law and save simple people from being prey to such jewelers who do not have principles and best practices .
Beware of Alukkas and keep away from them.
Krishnakumar Menon
Note : I did address this issue with two Alukkas by email,and one kept on repeating that they do not have a branch at Palghat and the other did not even respond to my mail.
Yours Truly

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