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Dealfind is currently advertising a White Gold Necklace and Swarovski Earrings Set valued at $293 for $29. There is no possible way that this item is valued at $293!!! It is gold plated alloy. There are other companies offering the same item for less and the real value is less than what dealfund is listing it for. The advertising is at the very least is misleading at the most fraudulent.

Category : Jewelry & Watches

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Country : Canada

I moved to Mobile, AL on 19 Jun 2011 and had my household good packed and loaded on 18 June 2011. When the mover has my properity they then told me I have to pay $7, 800 before they would deliver my property. I arranged the move with World Wide Van Lines in Denver CO. The deal was to pack and load my properity and deliver from Denver CO to Mobile AL on 22 Jun 2011 for a total of $3500. The Movers changed the contract and I never through to read it now I cant afford to pay them the $7, 800 to...

Category : Business & Finances

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Country : United States

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