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Gurukrupa Land Developer Complaints - Land Developer not providing possesion of plot

3000 sq feet of land was purchased by my father late Mr Pradeep Thakur in 1987 from Gurukrupa Land Developer at Aurangabad Maharashtra

6 years later 25 percent of the same land was acquired by Cidco

After that Mr. Manakchand Zambad started purchasing the land from the people to whom he had sold

Later in around 1999 he claimed that he had re-plotted the plots and registered the same in the name of respective people

At present he is refusing to give any details of the land we own and is just offering 1/10th of market price

Cidco officers are not providing any details and have refused to provide any information saying do whatever you can.

Additionally Cidco officers asked us to go to the Land Developer whereas Mr. Zambad has alleged that Cidco officers are incharge of all these things.

At present I have no clue as to what has happened to the land & when will I get.

I have a deed signed by Mr. Zambad (original copy) with me.

It is hereby most respectfully requested to help me in getting the land and/or (suitable) compensation for the land.

Any clue or advice as to how to approach would be of great help

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