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On the 1st August 2012, I contracted to develop a software application for me. They seemed to know what they were talking about, so I gave them the USD$16500 contract ahead of 40 quoting companies.

The company is run by Deepak Sihag and partly owned by Abhishek Katta.
Their business address is S-16, Landmark Building, Mahavir Marg, C-Scheme, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

I remember even their salesman telling me how well I had documented everything for them.
It was not long before they started running behind time and using excuses like I had asked for enhancements or changes. This was not the case all I wanted was what I had documented. As time went on our relationship got worse and worse, due to their continuous delays.

Eventually after 10.5 months of a 3 month contract, they were ready to deliver and asked me to pay the 2nd last payment of over $3500.00, making a total of over $14000.00. Which I did.

The finished product was never delivered as per their project proposal and now I sit with a few different files (some missing) and no way to configure or make the application live and working. To go to another company to “fix” what is missing will take a lot more time and much more money, which I don’t have.

If the company is not going to deliver and make good their project proposal, then I request a full refund of all monies paid over to them.

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