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I hold a 5yrs X visa to India, as my ill gran needed me my mother is indian and so is her family, my mother married a scotsman so we r half indian and half scotish i hv taken after my dad my skin is light and i hv hazel eyes.....I decided to apply for a oci in Chennai, so I sumitted all the relevant paper to the FRRO in chennai in july 2008 and got an acknowledgment in Oct 2008 saying it was under process, I had to come back to UK as I did not get my oci, 2009 they wanted a copy of my gran's passport which I sent after that nothing, so 2011 I decided to go india, wen I contacted them they said the file was missed placed so hv to reapply so I contacted Delhi, they said it was In chennai and ask them to process it, sent all the documents again, so end of june 2011 they said it was under process ... Waited anxiously for the oci... Called to find out to my gr8 surprise they now wanted to know the relationship between me and my mum, wat do I say?? They hv my birth certificate it's a official document that clearly has my mother's name her madian name my dad's name my mothers passport b4 marriage, after marriage and my gran's passport details wat more can I give ?? Only thing my mum sud hv kept the umbilical cord so they cud do a DNA, my mum had to send her wedding pic to prove she was married to a scotsman, pic of me wen I was a baby pic of me wen I was 10yrs old pic of me and mum wen I was a teen.... Absolutely ridicules, I am still waiting they hv my money too, this has to b bought to the attention of the Indian high commissioner, please help me and tell me wat I Sud do, it seems they want Rs 10,000 as bribe to process my oci... I don't hv that kind of money

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