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Rizvi Institute of Management/ Rizvi Academy of Management/ Rizvi Institute of Management Studies and Research/ Rizvi IMS. These are the names of a so called management institute run from two floors of a building in Bandra. The building also house a Rizvi law college, Rizvi Springfield school, Rizvi architecture college, Rizvi engineering college, Rizvi college of fashion design, Rizvi college of Hotel Management and Rizvi college of education.
It clearly shows that it’s more of a business rather than an educational institution. It’s not the only one in Mumbai and Maharashtra. Most of them are similar and are run/ managed by politicians and their families. Eg. Rizvi colleges belong to Mr. A.H. Rizvi. An Ex M.P(Member of Parliament). He also manages a construction company called Rizvi Builder’s.
So their primary goal is to generate revenue and make profits.
To achieve it
1. They admit the maximum number of students.
2. They make the students work for them instead of recruiting peons, clerks, personal assistants, placement coordinator etc.
3. Sycophancy is encouraged and people who work for the so called Director and move around him get good placements.
4. Pass outs from college are recruited as professors/faculty.
5. Few amongst the students are chosen to manage the class and co-ordinate with the professors
6. Most of the lecturers are visiting faculty
7. Students are used to promote the courses run by the college and approach companies for placements.

The director is worshipped as god. To meet him one has to remove one’s shoe and enter his cabin.

The style of administration is autocratic wherein there is only one person running the college, and is as good as the God of the Institution. People who follow and appease him are rewarded and those who don’t are left to fetch for their own or punished for their misdemeanors.

Since most of the lectures are conducted by visiting faculty members so the timings are odd and classes extend up to 9.30p.m.

Unlike other institutions wherein the best companies visit first and the best students get placed, here there is no order. The sycophants get placed last in good companies as the Director needs them to do his work.

Others just get one chance. If you get selected in a company because you are scared of being unemployed you cannot appear in other interviews. The rules might be bent for some.

Being a minority college and being in Mumbai, Maharashtra those from the community are given first preference; OMS (other than Maharashtra) candidates fall last in line.

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