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I am Shekhar Bhatnagar, I was working with Polestar Infotech/Professionals as a Sr. Graphic Web designer for the period of three months. December 2012 to February 2013. I was appointed by Mr Bipin Kumar Srivastava(Managing Director) & Gaurav Nigam(Technical Director). This company earlier had its base in Kanpur as BSN Infotech Pvt Ltd in Lajpat Nagar.

I worked with this organization with my full motivation, attention and given more than 100% in all the aspects. However, I never got my salary for three months and accepting this fact I have to leave this organisation. Whenever I asked about the salary to Mr Garrav Nigam Technical direcor Polestar Infotech Pvt Ltd he said that he has no idea as this is not his part of job. So I walked up to Mr Bipin Kumar Srivastava Managing Director, who gave me various dates to pay off my salary with in the month but never paid. When I told tat I am in need of the money and I have a family to run then he said every family keeps something in buffer to handel such scenarios and situations. I was very disappointed with this statement. I trusted him and thought he will pay off my salary and kept on working with Polestar Infotech Pvt Ltd earlier known as BSN Infotech Pvt Ltd. I have not got my payment yet. I called up Mr Bipin Kumar Srivastava in Polestar Infotech Pvt Ltd after leaving the organisation to check on my salary, he said that I am asking for my salary as A BOBDED LABOR and started haressing me not to call him ever again to ask for my salary.

Most of the employes in Polestar Infotech have not got their salary and has left the organisation due to the same reason, I am aware of. What this company does is they hire employees making false promise and showing their wide horizons, as even I was working with a reputed company in UK who has its base in India. The company relocated its base to Pune so I was unable to relocate as I had family problems and cant leave my family alone. I told them the entire story and they hired me, I was like a fish for them to catch. What they do is they hire staff and make them work for few months and then stop paying them. They are aware that no one can work without salary for a long time we all work for salary, and then they stop paying the employee resigns or leaves on its own and then they put aligations that he was not working and had so much dues on the company as per the policy and agreement they get signed during the joining. This is a fake software development company. Please be aware of this fact.

Hope is anyone is reading this, I will get some help to get my dues clear with the company.

Thanks Shekhar

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