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Srm University, Ghaziabad Complaints - SRM University. ruining my life and my career.

from last 2 weeks i am being treated like an dog by one of my college faculty who has accused me for nothing but personal grudge and has abandoned me from attending his lectures due to which in the end of semesters i wont be allowd to give the exam in additon to fine of Rs15,000 from the university which is unknown of this exploitition from one of its employees.

even though i had apologised to him for atleast 100 times without knowing my fault but all his ego remains unshaken. all he is doing is destroying my image in front of other teachers which is ultimately affecting my studies, marks etc and hence ruining my future
i sincerely beg u to take action as i am feeling helpless and really demoralised by such act of an educated person.

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