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I recently had my checkbooks stolen (3 banks), thus closed and opened accounts at all three banks including TCF. The other 2 banks worked with me as payments processed from ACH and checks on my old account, reaching out to me to confirm they were legitimate until I could clear things with on my end. In short, THE OTHER BANKS I DEALT WITH HAD OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE! Now for TCF... They told me I would be charged a fee if I had transactions hit against my old account, so I left some money in it for a know ACH transaction that would happen on a Monday (this being a Friday), knowing it was too late to change. That went fine, but the next week with another ACH transaction hit the old account TCF CHARGED ME A $37 SERVICE FEE AND DID NOT INFORM ME OF THE TRANSACTION OR THE FEE except by mail 3 days later. They then charged me ANOTHER FEE a few days later because my account had a negative balance at month end. That is TCF does I guess - they intentionally do NOT work with you so they can line their pockets with fee income. I three times went to a branch stating my case that as a loyal customer who is dealing with an unfortunate theft situation, that I would appreciate TCF reversing these fees. Each time the branch said no, saying it was my fault the account I thought was closed did not have sufficient funds. To make matters worse, last week I wrote a letter to their corporate customer service as a last ditch appeal for common sense. Their response... THEY TOOK MONEY OUT OF MY NEW ACCOUNT TO ELIMINATE THE NEGATIVE BALANCE ON THE OLD ACCOUNT WITHOUT MY AUTHORIZATION!!! If that doesn't tell you all you need to know about TCF's priorities and corporate values, I don't know what does. I am closing my accounts with TCF today even though I just paid for new checks and this will cost me more money out of my pocket, but there is no point dealing with a bank with such low moral standards and selfish priorities. I encourage everyone else to consider the same and NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH TCF!

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